New for 2021, the Power Boom is now available for not only Steel Green and LT Rich spray machines, but also for the new Toro Turf Master machines.

The Power Boom kits for  2021 have been redesigned with new motor mounts that insure smooth, trouble free operation.  The motors are now completely coated to help resist corrosion.

The Dual Switch Power Boom kit is priced at $850 plus shipping and has everything needed for individual boom control.  Two rocker switches along with the necessary wiring are included so you the customer can have individual control of each side of your power boom.

The price of the Basic Single Switch Power Boom kit is priced at $750 plus shipping.  All the same stainless steel components, the sealed motors with metal gears and necessary wiring harnesses with a single rocker switch are included.

The power boom enables a high production fertilizer/herbicide spray machine to be even more productive.  It not only increases productivity, but also reduces operator fatigue each work day.

Think about the time spent going from account to account.  Every time the machine comes off the trailer, you walk around to unfold the boom arms.  In tight areas– around gated entrances, landscape features, and trees– do you fold up the boom wings again or just let them strike those objects to make the tight fit?  After you have made it through these obstacles, you walk around the machine to extend boom wings back out.  After the job is done, you fold up the boom wings to load the machine onto the trailer to go to the next account.

All of this extra motion and time can be eliminated with a touch of a toggle switch from the operator’s platform.  Push forward  to open boom arms, and pull back to close.  The boom is rugged and withstands abuse.

Our installation instructions are easy to follow.  Installation is simple and takes about 75 minutes.

We have used the finest materials for the power boom kit.  Stainless steel fasteners, laser cut 304 stainless steel plates, stainless steel springs, and plated shrink wrapped electrical connections will allow you trouble free operation. Bushings are made from ultraviolet resistant ABS plastic.  To aid in making this a great product, we designed it with Cad Cam software ensure a superior product.

This design is so good, we offer a full 12 month parts warranty from the date of purchase!

The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation.  Kit does NOT however include the basic tools needed for installation.